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Are you searching for the best chemical solution for sale or seeking the perfect platform from where you can buy it? If yes, you have done your best to be here. Being present signifies that you are probably trying to know the chemical solution. And maybe you wanted to know the chemical formula of this solution chemical and composition or solution preparation. So don't be free, here we have covered everything about the chemical solution and its use. You may also desire to know whether it means or constitutes the same thing. We are the seller of different chemicals for cleaning defaced or black notes, including super automatic solution, activation powder SSD chemical solution, etc. We have the right chemical to clean perfectly any defaced currency, black currency, green, red, or white, without exiting any stain on the notes after cleaning. We sell all our chemicals with a manual guide that delivers instructions for using the chemical to clean. Our company is an approved and licensed company, registered and licensed for manufacturing all sorts of chemical solutions. So are you willing to explore everything about chemical solutions, and what is the right place to buy them? Scroll down and learn everything you want to.

The SSD chemical solution is one of the most refined chemicals on the market for cleaning defaced currency, marked notes, banknotes, and the like in its entire range of chemical solutions. And you will be stunned by the rapidity and power of the SSD chemical solution, which can clean black currency and notes with breeze capacity. You can buy chemical solutions to clean the black currency or banknote here. At Buy Counterfeit Doc, we offer a substitute at a lovely affordable cost. And you can use our product to clean all-black currency or any color currency and use it to clean stained and defaced banknotes. There is no chance of scam as the chemical solution we sell is 100% pristine like the USD, Euro, GBP, and many other currencies. We also sell chemicals for resale and lab use. Furthermore, let's continue reading this article to explore more about chemical solutions.

What Is SSD Chemical Solution

SSD chemical solution is the best amongst others to clean the deface money. SSD stands for Synthetic Surfactant Decedent, which is generally used to clean black money and defaced notes. It is predominantly used to clean all kinds of currencies, including black, red, or any color. Additionally, you can also use it to clean desecrated and color banknotes. The SSD cleaning solution is a part of a scam in which the crooks provide the sufferer with Black Money. They claim it to be legal tender that is stained black to get them through patronages. When the sufferer obtains the money, they imply they need a particular chemical to clean it, which the trickster will deliver for a rather abrupt fee. Several names have known this cleaning solution; one of the most famous is an SSD cleaning solution. Apart from the scam, people publish to look for this SSD cleaning solution around the internet.

What Is SSD Chemical Formula

Basically, the SSD chemical solution is a mixture of three main components: Sulphated Ash, Sulfuric acid H2SO4, and Sodium chloride NaCl. And the chemical formula of this solution is; Sulphated Ash 0.2%, Sulfuric acid H2SO4, and Sodium chloride NaCl.

Mercury Mercuric Nitric Dioxide liquid is also contained in this formula and simulated under patented directly from global chemistry laboratory LTD. Approvingly infected Mercury Mercuric Nitric Dioxide liquid is apprehended as Mercury dioxide-brown liquid. It did not dissolve in water and removed the anti-breeze at the beginning of any currency note, showing the black notes' actual colors. It can also turn the white negative black before the chemical change becomes its original form. And the packaging is sensitive, and this confirms storage and conveyance as they are exposed and require special handling. 

Now take a look at the specification and formula structure of the SSD solution:

  • Solubility: Soluble in H2O of PH L3

  • Description: Brown liquid with a chocking effect

  • Sulphate ash: Max 0.2%

  • Mercurous salts: Trace

  • Residue after reduction: Max 0.5%

  • Ph value: Neutral

  • Chloride: Max. 0.175%

  • Loss of drying at 105C Max 0.5%

  • Gastric Oxide: HQ5, HQ6, and HQ7

How Can SSD Chemicals Solution Help You

SSD chemical solution has been used to clean deface and black money for decades. Buy Counterfeit Doc is an official supplier of various chemical solutions, including SSD chemical solutions or activation powder. We are particular in designing and cleaning black money with SSD chemical solution, defacing black dollar, euro, and pounds operated by worldwide science affiliates. The company has pursued a continued expansion path to offer our services worldwide. Similarly, you can use the latest SSD chemical solution in cleaning black or deface banknotes. Using the latest SSD chemical solution in cleaning deface or black banknote and simulating the mechanical SSD chemical solution for managing the adequate cleaning of black banknote from its black color to actual color.

Furthermore, you can easily clean your defaced and black money with the SSD chemical solution we provide. There is no need to be confronted about using it as we are always equipped with a manual guide and product delivery. These procedures will help you use this product appropriately; you have to follow the instructions accordingly. This chemical will help you clean all kinds of impurities from the paper currency.

Where To Buy Chemical Solutions For Sale

Buy Counterfeit Doc has high-quality chemical solutions and other money cleaning agencies. We work with the perception of moving with the fads and technology nowadays. You can trust Buy Counterfeit Doc as the method we use to generate services as we use high-end technology and materials to clean your money. At Buy Counterfeit Doc you are always complimentary to bring any help and support if you want a free consultation now. With the chemical solution we provide, you can effortlessly clean your deformed and black money. We consistently supply a manual guide along with the product delivery so you can go through the instructions and follow them accordingly. These approaches will enable you to use this product properly. This chemical will help you clean all sorts of impurities from the paper currency and use your banknotes once again with an SSD chemical solution. We do not make any settlement with the quality of any product. We give our buyers satisfaction and equip them with the most appropriate only. If you buy your necessities from us, do it independently without bearing stress from anything.

Why You Should Buy Chemical Solutions From Buy Counterfeit Doc

At Buy Counterfeit Doc, you can expect the best of everything, whether the quality of products or quick delivery. You will be happy to comprehend that now you can buy any chemical solutions online at meager prices. We have a squad of trained and experienced partners specializing in this enterprise and comprehend every facet. You can completely trust us to get the most acceptable for yourself. Buy Counterfeit Doc is a leading company dealing with chemical solutions, including SSD chemical solutions for stained banknotes. At Buy Counterfeit Doc, we have a team of well-versed proficients in chemicals who know their proper usage.

Similarly, the chemical solution can remove stains from any currency, making it look new. And for the best, here you can find a wide array of chemicals used in today's modern world. All you keep to do is allow us to know about your needs and requirements, and we will do everything to make them attainable for you. You can foresee suitable solutions for every problematic query at the Buy Counterfeit Doc. Not only the SSD chemical solution, but here you can also get the best undetectable fake notes and currencies for sale. We are the most outstanding producer of everything on this track. We offer only the leading high-quality SSD chemical solution, with over a billion of our developments spreading worldwide and shipping worldwide. We will deliver your demand directly to your doorstep without the interference of customs.


Moreover, if you are looking for a perfect place to buy chemical solutions for sale, the Buy Counterfeit Doc is the best place to turn. Buy Counterfeit Doc sells chemical solutions, including SSD of the outstanding and highest quality, so that you can purchase from us without any hesitance. You can use a chemical solution the cleaning of black notes. Besides SSD, you can buy another chemical called 9SSD, an anti-breeze bank notes chemical designed to remove the excess coated substance. When combined with activation powder, SSD universal solution works better. Compared to other SSD components, a grade SSD solution is more efficient and delivers fast results. The conclusion is you can use chemical solutions to clean all types of notes worldwide. So without wasting a single second, we recommend you now buy the chemical solution for sale only at Buy Counterfeit Doc. It will definitely be a joy for us if you give us a chance to show you our services.


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