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We offer a service to help you to meet your goals, we can help you with:
• Getting a real government-issued ID under another identity (NEW NAMES),
• A new social security number (verifiable with the SSA),
• Checking and saving accounts for your new ID,
• Credit cards,
• Relocation,
• Passports, Diplomatic passports, novelty passports,
• Production and obtaining new identification documents.
• We also do work permits and bank statements

What Are Registered Passports, ID Card, A Social Security Card, And, A Driver's License?

These Are Fake Documents We Process With All Your Information, They Are Scannable With Your Biometrics, And Are Also Registered In The Government Database.

Where can I buy a real passport, ID Card, Social Security card, and driver's license?

We Are A Group Of Unique Experts Who Process Real And Fake Passports, ID Cards, Driver’s Licenses, And Other Documents Proving Your Identity Or Qualification. Order Now From Our Store.

How good is the quality of your passports, ID cards, driver's licenses, SSN, and Residence Permit?

Our documents are processed with the highest level of skill, craft, and quality possible. They are no visible or detectable differences from the original documents. For all our IDs we carefully re-create all necessary security features, i.e. special paper, watermarks, holograms, security threads, intaglio printing, micro-printing, fluorescent dyes, color-changing ink, document number laser perforation, latent image, laser image perforation, etc. We also use new biometric technologies for all types of our documents.

Where can I use these documents?

Passports we produce successfully pass all existing tests, like UV-test, MRZ check, machine check and so on. In fact, we didn't get any serious complaints from our customers about the problems with customs, airports or any other law authorities during traveling. You also can use your new passport, ID card, or driver's license to open a bank account, get a job legally, apply for getting a visa officially, and rent a car, office, or house.

How can I verify that my passport, ID card, and driver's license are registered?

There are 2 ways of doing this. A new app has been released that allows anyone to check the legitimacy of their passport, ID, and driver’s license from home. You can read about it and download it here. By reporting your passport as lost and reapplying at a consulate closest to you. As you are registered in the system, they will take down your details, confirm that you are on the system, and provide you with a new passport.

Can I travel with these documents?

For all our documents. Yes. All our travel documents are registered on official systems using our contacts in embassies around the world. For bulk orders, please be aware that each registration will have to be done separately and will take much longer to complete. Please contact us for specific time frames dependent on the number of passports or ID cards you need registering.

Do you collect Biometric Data?

We collect biometric data only for those applications that require it. The chips in passports have a minimum of 32 kilobytes of EEPROM. Therefore, each country chooses what data they will add to your passport. Although they might collect iris scans or facial recognition data, most passports only include descriptive data, a digitized passport photo, and, sometimes, your fingerprints. Once we’ve received your order, we’ll contact you to collect the specific details we need as per the country you’ve chosen and it's current standards.

Do I need exit and entry stamps on my visa and Passport?

All of our passports come with exit and entry stamps to show how you arrived in the country you are currently in. We do this on an individual basis, so we will discuss your options with you before creating your document.

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